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JOB: Administrative & Fiscal Services Director

Closing Date: September 5, 2018 Salary Range - $77,597.44 - $112,221.86


Administrative & Fiscal Services Director - As part of the city’s executive team, the administrative and fiscal services director possesses the ability to understand the functions of all city operations, work on interdepartmental issues, and provide input as a member of interdepartmental teams. Within a city manager/council form of government, the incumbent works under the broad policy guidance and direction of the city manager, city council, and mayor.

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JOB: City Treasurer / Accountant - Pleasant Grove City

Closing Date: August 30, 2018 Salary Range - $61,692.07 - $89,453.50


City Treasurer / Accountant - Responsible for all public funds; acts as custodian of all City moneys, bonds, and securities.

Manage the deposits, investments and banking for the City.

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JOB: Financial Analyst I - IV (may underfill) - Salt Lake City

Closing Date: August 6, 2018 Salary Range - $38,649 - $90,281 per year


Financial Analyst I - IV - Develops, interprets and implements highly complex financial/accounting concepts and advanced techniques for financial planning and control. Provides specialized technical analysis to determine present and future financial performance. Directs the development and implementation of new concepts and techniques for financial information analysis…

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