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About the Utah GFOA...

Representing public finance officials throughout Utah involved with planning, financing, and implementing governmental operations…

- UGFOA mission


Expert Knowledge.  We provide expert knowledge in public financial management by exercising leadership in research, recommended practice and and information dissemination.

Education and Training.  We enhance the expertise and professionalism of financial managers and policymakers through education and training and provide recognition for their achievements.

Financial Leadership.  We engage in efforts to assist finance officers to develop the skills and capabilities necessary to enable them to become organizational leaders as well as technical experts.

Raising Public Awareness of Sound Financial Policy and Practice.  We take leadership in promoting public awareness of policies and practices that enhance sound financial management of public resources.

Enhanced Cooperation.  We cooperate with and complement the services provided by other organizations to increase the effectiveness of local organizations and the national GFOA.

Strategic Use of Technology.  We provide information and analytical tools to help governments identify and apply appropriate, economical technologies to support efficient resource allocation, quality services, and effective decision making; and to promote citizen involvement.

The association's more than 150 members are state and local finance officials involved in planning, financing, and implementing governmental operations in each of their jurisdictions and special districts.

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